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Animation Desk MOD APK is a dynamic digital animation software. This app is accessible across a number of devices. Users can transfer videos and photographs. It has characteristics like frame manipulation and editing tools. This app provides a clear user interface. Users can transfer videos and photographs.
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Animation Desk uses the frame-by-frame technique for making animation. Also, it may make graphics that look like they were done by hand. This is a digital animation-making application. Consumers of the interactive animation program use many of its sketching equipment and functionalities. Further, the app supports both iOS and Android devices. Further, the program offers an easy-to-use dashboard. It is made especially for making animations. By using Animation Desk APK you may sketch and draw frames. Although, through different brushes, pencils, and pigments users make digital animations. It has many more features to draw whatever you want.Animation Desk MOD APK


Animation Desk MOD APK is the 2D and most powerful animation application. It is loaded with a variety of unique characteristics. This also features frame rate options, layers, sound effects, onion skinning for motion tracking, and paint tools. Even the user can make more interactive animation in less time and with more leisure. Further user can create their own collection of animation. And also get access to the animation stock of the application. Only in a single click user can apply lots of frames. Moreover, enhance movies and images with unique effects. The software enables various export file types. For beginners and professional animators, this is the best application.

Animation Desk MOD APK

In Animation Desk MOD APK there are several tools available to help you create the animation you want. Additionally, this app is also created for mobile users. Users can make cartoons, videos, GIFs, and many more things. Even you can use a finger, stylus, tablet, or laptop for animating. Use images, video clips, or already-made animator frames to create an initial animated film. Using this effective tool the creation of basic graphic design, animatic drawings, and narrative boards for professional animated films is made possible.  There are lots of tools for the adjustment of animation timing.

By using Animation Desk MOD APK you can add voiceovers to enhance your animation. For decoration in your animations, you can also upload pictures, photos, or movies. It offers animation exporting in several formats. Even user can share their work directly on social media. This offers an efficient technique for bringing your ideas to existence. Moreover, lets you express your imagination through animated videos. This application offers to export formats like video, images, GIF, Photoshop PSD, and PDF, and up to 640×480 px.

Features of Animation Desk MOD APK

Art tools

  • Animation desk MOD APK has a wide range of tools.
  • Also, Lots of material is used for drawing pencils, pens, brushes, erasers, and rulers.
  • Even users can select different brush sizes.
  • To achieve the artistic effects you want utilize various colors and levels of opacity.


  • The application has the capability to handle multiple layers.
  • Further, it allows you to arrange and control different components of your animation independently.
  • You can work on specific parts of the animation without affecting the rest.

Onion Skinning

  • Onion skinning is a trick in animation that lets you see many frames together.
  • Even, It lets you see the frames before and after the one you’re working on.
  • Moreover, transparent layers are on top, so you can compare and adjust them easily.
  • It keeps your animation smooth and consistent by showing how the frames flow together.

Frame Manipulation

  • Users can change the order of frames in their animation timeline.
  • Also, power to control the timing and sequence of your animation frames.
  • Further, you can add new frames, remove unwanted ones, and make copies of frames.

Modification Tools

  • The application offers a range of editing tools.
  • Although, it modifies frame timing, creates seamless transitions, and applies effects.
  • Hence, you can adjust how long each frame appears.
  • It utilizes the auto inbetweening feature.

Sound Integration

  • You can improve your animations by incorporating music, voice recordings, or sound effects.
  • Moreover, Animation Desk enables you to import audio files and sync them with your animation.Animation Desk MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Free Access to Premium Features.
  • Bugs fixes.

What’s New About Animation Desk MOD APK?

  • The process of creating new animation sequences has been improved for better efficiency and ease of use.
  • Moreover, the ability to adjust the dimensions of the canvas according to your preference.
  • You can now preview the impact of different frames per second (FPS) settings on your animation.
  • The app allows the user to choose the desired level of smoothness and motion.


Is Animation Desk MOD APK available on PC?

Ans: You can download Animation Desk MOD APK for free from the App Store (for iOS devices), Google Play Store (for Android devices), and Microsoft Store (for Windows devices).

Can I import images or videos into Animation Desk MOD APK?

Ans: Yes,You can bring in images and videos to Animation Desk, either as references for your animations or to directly include them in your animated projects. This feature enables you to utilize external visual content to enhance your creativity.

Is there a community or sharing feature in Animation Desk MOD APK ?

Ans: Animation Desk MOD APK has an online community where users can share their animations, connect with other animators, and discover different types of artwork. You can leave comments, find inspiration, and enjoy the creative works of other artists in the community.


Animation Desk MOD APK is a flexible app for creating digital animations that you can use on different devices. Users can easily bring their creative ideas to life. With this app enjoying a seamless and adaptable experience throughout the animation creation process. Aditionally, It has powefull features such as frame manipulation, editing tools, and onion skinning. Even user can mange their animation.  Moreover, This app has user friendly interface for both beginners and experienced animators. Further,for sharing it supports online community. Animation Desk is a valuable tool that can help anyone. Although, they’re a hobbyist or a professional animator, transform their ideas into animated creations.


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