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Avee Music Player MOD APK is a popular music application that provides us options for listening and visual display of audio beats. Audio beats are present in a spectrum visualizer. The app allows users to create music file on the interface and then users can export it to various social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is a lightweight music player application that allows users to play recorded sounds. The app is famous for its latest features like a background music playing feature, support for various audio formats, playlist creating and saving feature, creating music library, and many more. All these watching and customization features of app make it perfect apps for the music.
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The Avee Music Player MOD APK is a free lightweight music player that gives visualization of audio beats. The app supports all the famous formats like mp4, mp3, WAV, etc. If you are a music producer or a social media video maker then the Avee Music Player app is the best option for you. The app allows the users to create and save the music on the playlist. When you are working on any music you can play the music in the background. It provides you with easier access to music files with a shortcut on the display screen. Users can create and save their music files in the playlist of the library. Moreover, later they can do it according to their interest and desire. The app has great benefits like you can play music in the background. It has a fantastic feature of a sleep timer with Bluetooth control.Avee Music Player MOD APK


The Avee Music Player MOD APK is a musical application that is designed for music creators. The app helps the music producer for creating and saving their favorite music. It supports all the formats of music like mp4, mp3, and wav. The app shows a visual spectrum of audio beats on the screen when you play a music file on it. Moreover, it allows users to make changes in audio beats to make the audio more exciting and attractive for the listener. Once you create a video with its video maker section then you can share this video with others on various social media platforms.

Avee Music Player MOD APK

Avee Music Player MOD APK is an application that allows the user to listen to and visualize the music beats. The app permits users to make changes in its visual beats on the screen. Users can change the music of the audio according to their interests. Hence, it also allows a user to make the video in video creating section of the app. After creating a video clip users can spread this created video on any social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, and more. Therefore, it has an equalizer feature that works even when the screen of your device is locked.

The Equalizer feature of the application allows users to adjust the sound according to their needs. Users can create various interesting audio sounds by using this feature. It has a user-friendly interface for working. With its visualization power user can create videos by simply collecting various images on the screen. On its interface, all the options are mentioned clearly for the help of the user. Users can use the whole interface according to their preferences. Moreover, the app allows its user to create video clips of different resolutions. Users can adjust the resolution level which will directly affect the size of the exported file.

Feature of Avee Music Player MOD APK

Visualization of Playing Music:

  • The TheAvee Music Player app is a powerful tool that has the power to show you the visual display of playing music.
  • The app displays the visual effects on the screen in a spectrum.

Equalizer Feature:

  • The app has the fantastic feature of the equalizer.
  • It allows the user to create and save the sound quality according to the user’s interest.
  • Hence, users can alter the audio effects and adjust the sound with its tools.

Powerful Folder Browsing:

  • The Avee Music Player app creates various folders in the library of the application.
  • Hence, users can select their favorite song or sound from the listed folder.
  • Creating a Folder feature helps the user to find selective sounds.

Support Famous Audio Formats:

  • The Avee Music Player app is an app that supports almost all the formats of audio such as mp3,mp4, and WAV.
  • The musical soundtrack of any of these formats can be played on the app.

Creating a Playlist:

  • The app allows the user to create a playlist of sounds.
  • Moreover, this feature helps the user to manage the soundtrack in a playlist in the library.
  • When a playlist is prepared users can use this list any time to listen to their favorite song or sound.

Sleep Mode:

  • The user can use the app even at bedtime.
  • Hence, it allows the user to fix a time for playing music.
  • After the specific interval that the user already fixed the playing music will stop automatically.

Widget Support:

  • The Avee Music Player MOD APK shows home screen widgets support.
  • It shows various options like the album, art, plays/pause, and many more control options on the screen.
  • Users can control all the activities on the app with these widgets.Avee Music Player MOD APK

MOD Features:

  • All the Premium Features are unlocked
  • It is totally ad-free.

What’s New About Avee Music Player MOD APK?

The latest version of the Avee Music Player app has fixed the problem of the “Load from File” option on the interface. With this option on the screen, the user feels easy to load a musical sound on the interface for applying various effects on it. Therefore, this latest feature helps the user to take a sound from a device to a visual display on the screen for alteration. The app also fixed the problems regarding the bugs. However, it make more secure the device from the attack of various type of viruses. Many other changing and improvements have been made in the app such as themes, color, effects, and more.


Why does it take so long for my file to export?

Rendering is a time-consuming process. As it needs the latest hardware for working. So when we render a video file it will take time to export.

What is the limit of video file size?

The Avee Music Player app allows users to use a video file that varies from a few MBs to 4GB size video for rendering.

How to change the exported file size?

We can change the size of exported file by increasing or decreasing the resolution of the video. Moreover, the size of the exported file will decrease by decreasing the resolution of the video.

How to hide the app logo?

Users can simply hide the logo of the application by clicking on the “HIDE LOGO” option. This option is present in the export video on the interface of the Avee Music Player Pro app.


Overall, the Avee Music Player MOD APK is a popular musical application for the visual display of audio in a spectrum. When you load an audio file from the device on the app, the user can adjust the sound quality with its powerful equalizer according to interests. Moreover, the Avee Music Player app supports all audio formats. Users can create and save the musical track in a playlist in the library. The app is full of features for the providing best service to users.



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