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Beelinguapp MOD APK is versatile and feature-rich application that has easy to use interface with various modifications. The app has the latest learning data from several news articles, stories, and many other things. It allows the users to learn a language through vast collection of audiobooks. For learning the new language a latest feature of showing dual-language display on screen makes learning more easy and quick for learner. Overall, Beelinuapp MOD APK is the best leading language learning application for those who has keen desire to learn language.
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Beelinguapp APK is a free language learning and improvement software. The app offers to learn a new language with interesting stories, news articles, and more things. It has the latest features that make language learning simple and fun. The app has a vast library of audiobooks, songs, and news to learn a new language. Beelinguapp APK develops new learners’ reading and listening skills. In the library, all the songs, stories, and news are distributed according to learning levels. The app has dual-language texts on the screen. It makes it easy for the learner to read and learn the language with this great methodology.Beelinguapp MOD APK


Beelinguapp APK is an ultimate powerful language learning application. The app makes it very easy to learn a new language with its bilingual text method. Users will find it simple and easy to learn a new language like their favorite books. If you use Beelinguapp APK only for 10 minutes a day, you can learn and improve learning language. By using the app users can improve their vocabulary, reading, and listening skills of language. All you will learn through various types of stories, news articles, and songs. Users will see both the learning and knowing language on the screen with its dual-language text technology.

Beelinguapp MOD APK

Beelinguapp MOD APK provides learners with all the content in the library according to their interests. Users will feel fun and enjoy after using the application in life. All in the library is most informative, natural, fun, and related to the real world. The app helps learners to improve language skills by seeing and hearing the targeted language. You will learn new words from the library’s context. These words will add to learners’ vocabulary. In this way, users can improve their vocabulary. All the stories and news articles in the audio library are full of new words. Beelinguapp MOD APK is the best tool for learning new languages like Spanish, English, French, German, Arabic, and Japanese.

Beelinguapp MOD APK has a fantastic feature of reading targeted language. When learners read a story or an article again and again it will improve their vocabulary. Many new words will be added to the vocabulary of the learner. As a result, the learner will get a grip on the targeted language. Reading, and listening to a story or an article in a targeted language will also improve your language vocabulary. When the learners interact with a native speaker they will learn quickly and easily a language. For them, it will be easy to learn and speak the selective language. The app will enable the users to be familiar with the local speak by hearing various contexts in learning the language.

Features of Beelinguapp MOD APK

Dual-Language Text:

  • Beelinguapp shows story and article text in two languages on a mobile screen.
  • It makes it simple and easy for users to learn new words in the vocabulary.

Audio Context:

  • The app contains a wide collection of audiobooks.
  • The users can listen to the collection of this audio from the library.

Native Learnings:

  • All the audiobooks in the library are for new language learners.
  • Learners listen to these audiobooks from native speakers.
  • From this learners learn how to pronounce a word or text in the targeted language.

Adjustable Themes:

  • The app offers many themes for learners’ experience.
  • Users can use various themes according to their interests to make learning enjoyable.

Vocabulary Building:

  • To improve users’ vocabulary the app offers games that help the learners to exercise their learning.

Progress Tracking System:

  • The app displays a track record of progress in learning.
  • This helps the users to be motivated to learn.

Words Collection:

  • When learners use the application it builds a collection of new words with meanings in the targeted language.

The ability of Audio Playback:

  • When you play an audio story on your mobile you can the speed of playing audio to understand the words.
  • Users can playback audio for complete understanding.
  • The app allows the users to repeat a section of audio many times to understand new words and vocabulary.

Offline Services:

  • Once you download the audiobooks on the app then you can play these audios in offline mode.
  • Users can use audiobooks in offline mode for practice.

Multiple Modes of Learning:

  • The app offers various learning modes like reading and listening and audiobooks.

Various Language Learning Levels:

  • Beelinguapp MOD APK offers a variety of learning levels.
  • These levels start from beginners to expert level.
  • Users can select their learning levels and understand the targeted language.Beelinguapp MOD APK

MOD Features:

  • All the premium features are unlocked.
  • The app is ad-free.

What’s New About Beelinguapp MOD APK?

  • Displays Dual-language text on the mobile screen of users.
  • Start learning 14 new languages for free.
  • Introduction of “Bellinguapp for Teachers” feature for helping teachers and students in the classroom.
  • Expand the audiobook library by adding new learning material.
  • Addition of new articles, and stories in various languages on the dashboard.


Is Beelinguapp free?
Yes, it is free to read and listen to our unlocked stories, news, and songs on Beelinguapp. Users can exercise their learnings with games on the app freely.

How do I change the speed of the audio of Beelinguapp?
If you want to alter the speed of the audio then you click on the respective icon in the upper corner of the reading area.

How do I use Beelinguapp in offline mode?

When you open an audiobook on Beelinguapp it will be automatically downloaded to your device. Once you open this you can use it even without an internet connection.


Beelinguapp MOD APK is a powerful and free tool for language learning. The app helps users to learn and improve their language skills with its advanced features. Beelinguapp offers 14 different languages audiobooks for learning languages. It contains a vast collection of audiobooks on its dashboard. It is a simple and easy-to-use app for new learners. The app has the latest feature of dual-language text display. Users can improve their vocabulary and other language skills with this feature. You can use downloaded unlocked audiobooks for practice.


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