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Eyezy Mod APK is a user-friendly application to monitor all mobile phones. The app supports parents who give a mobile phone to their children but don't know their children's mobile activities. The program shares the all detail about children's mobile phones such as location, data, website internet visits, social media apps, Whatsapp detail, contact list, WhatsApp detail, movies, audio and video data, images, mobile apps, games, etc. Live update shares with parent's account.
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Eyezy APK

Eyezy Mod APK is a trustworthy monitoring application that allows you to monitor everything for parental control of kids. This application keeps updated about all activities on the mobile phone of your loved ones. Eyezy APK is the best software among all the monitoring applications all over the world. This application is the perfect way to keep your kids from any type of danger. By using this application parents do not interrupt in personal activities of their children. But they can stop their bad activities by installing this application on their phone. With the development of time and technology, it is difficult for parents to control all the activities of their kids. So Eyezy APK is the best solution and helper for parents of this modern age. It protects and keeps updated about all online actions of their kids.Eyezy Mod APK 1.2.2 Download Free Premium 2024

About Eyezy APK:

Eyezy APK is a powerful tool with a simple and easy-to-use interface. It works for protecting your kids or your loved ones. This is a feature-rich phone application to save your siblings from any type of threat or inconvenience. By using Eyezy APK you can observe everything that your kids are watching, or using on their devices. It will make you invisible to them when you are checking their online activities on their mobile phones. You can get access to their activities like online Chats, SMS, locations, images, videos, and many other things that they are doing on their devices. With its strong artificial intelligence system, you will get an alert on your phone if your kids doing anything wrong or they are using any prohibited website or activity.

About Eyezy Mod APK:

Eyezy Mod APK is the world’s famous monitoring application with strong encryption technology. It is popular due to its latest and most powerful tools. This is a feature-rich application to save your family. Once you install this application on your selective device then you need not worry about anything. If you are facing any type of difficulties in operating or using this application. Then here we are for your help to save you time. We are offering 24/7 hours of customer support for your help. Eyezy MOD APK is compatible with all Android Mobiles, iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets, and computers. Before installation, you can check your device’s capability.

Eyezy Mod APK is the safe mode for communication on selective devices. It is a feature-rich application that is designed to keep safe your family from anything wrong. Its features call recording with surroundings, event planners like calenders, GPS location tracking system, access to web browsing history on any web browser, SMS and IM conversation, keyloggers, stealth mode, and many more features are included. With all these powerful and fantastic features one can keep updated about each and every one of the loved ones on the targeted device. Whatever, your children are doing on their devices you can remotely check and make it correct in the direction to protect them.

Features OF Eyezy Mod APK:

Social Media Recorder:

  • Eyezy MOD APK is spread all over social media apps on all Android devices.
  • It keeps all the recordings of social media apps on the targeted device.

Screen Recording:

  • Whatever you do on the selective device all your activities will be stored on the Eyezy application in the form of screen recordings.

SMS & IM Conversation Tracking:

  • Eyezy MOD APK keeps all the sent and received text or iMessage data on its memory. With its artificial intelligence system, you will be updated with all the messages.

Social Apps Recorder:

  • All your conversations are on any social media app.
  • Whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, or any other app all data can be obtained on the interface of this software.

Keylogger for Android & iPhone:

  • Eyezy MOD APK will give access to all your information personal information about your account.
  • All the username IDs or Passwords that are used on the selective device are accessible with this application.
  • This feature applies not only to Android devices but also to iPhones.

Web Browsing History:

  • Eyezy MOD APK keeps a track record of all the websites that are open once on any browser on the selective device.

Alert Notifications:

  • You can make selective boundaries or areas in which your selection will work.
  • If it crosses your boundary there will be an alert notification on your screen.

Calling History Record:

  • Eyezy MOD APK had a complete record of all the incoming and outgoing calls record.
  • It also tells us to whom the selective device makes calls or connections.

GPS Location Tracker:

  • Eyezy MOD APK GPS tracker will update you with all locations of the selective device.
  • It will send an alert notification if your selective device crosses your boundary location on the map.

Stealth Mode:

  • It provides you with all the services with stealth mode.
  • It makes invisible you to your selective device.Eyezy Mod APK 1.2.2 Download Free Premium 2024

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MOD Features:

  1. Unlimited features unlocked.
  2. GPS location Detect.
  3. Premium Edition is free 100%.

What’s New?

Eyezy is the most powerful monitoring online activities software. It provides services with all its latest features. In its latest feature, it can monitor all the happening activities on the selective device. Also, it has outstanding feature GPS tracking and Keystroke features as well. Further, You can check Eyezy APK as a Parental Control App.


Can you monitor a cell phone without installing Eyezy APK?

Ans: No, if you want to monitor someone’s cell phone you need to download and install Eyezy APK on that device. After installation, you will get access to its dashboard by simply providing your login ID username and password.

Can I see someone’s phone calls with Eyezy monitoring software?

Ans: Yes, sure you can see all the incoming and outgoing calls recorded with Eyezy APK on your mobile phone.

Will I be able to read someone’s text messaging with the Eyezy app?

Ans: Yes, it enables you to get access to all the SMS on the targeted device. Because of its latest features, it provides text message records to us.

Does remote phone monitoring work when they’re outside the country?

Ans: Yes, it works all over the world. You can monitor all the activities of the selective device from anywhere in the world.


Eyezy MOD APK is the most popular monitoring software with powerful tools and features. It is the perfect software for parents to protect their kid’s online activities. When you install this application on your kid’s phone you can see everything. It offers various features to protect your loved ones. Eyezy APK is compatible with all Android and iPhone devices. You can track calls, SMS, iMessage, social media activities, multimedia exchanges, share and receive pictures and videos, GPS location, and Keyloggers all with Eyezy MOD APK on your device.

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