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Kapwing MOD APK is free collaboration online platform for video creating and editing. The app has various latest editing tools such as subtitle generator, remove background tool, automatic translation, Smart Cut, and many more for creative content creating. Moreover, the app allows the user to create video and image editing, creating memes, GIFs, and designs. It works as video creator, editor, PNG maker, Automatic Subtitles Creators, removing background, Text to video maker, and many more.
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The Kapwing app is a powerful collaborative tool for online video editing. It is an application where users can create video content. The app allows users to create videos, memes, GIFs, images, designs, and more with its powerful tools. Moreover, users can edit videos by trimming, combining various videos, or adding filters to the video. Further, it allows users to add online subtitles and captions to any video to make it attractive. Smart Cut is an outstanding tool in the latest version of Kapwing MOD APK. The app allows the users to add video, audio, and image from the gallery in the library of the app for editing.  With its video loop feature user can make any video loop. Overall, the app has powerful tools and the latest features for editing a video. Kapwing MOD APK


Kapwing MOD APK is a versatile and feature-rich application that provides a platform with various latest tools for video and image editing, creating memes, GIFs, and design. The app has a user-friendly interface to enhance the visual content. It offers a set of tools for online video editing with collaborative meet. Further, its modified features enable users to optimize their online traffic. It supports various types of video files such as MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP, and many others. Moreover, it offers users to record video clips with sounds. Later you can edit these clips and export them to your device.

Kapwing MOD APK

Kapwing MOD APK is a cloud-based online video editing application with powerful tools and features. The app allows the video creator to collaborate with other team members for creating the perfect video project. The working page is sharable anyone from anywhere can join the project through the page link. Furthermore, the app has various latest smart tools for video editing such as an automatic subtitle generator, remove background tool, automatic translation, Smart Cut, and many more. The latest version of the app is designed for fast, easy, and reliable video editing. It allows the users to add more than one thing in a single track.

Furthermore, you can edit images, video clips, or audio in one place. For their editing, you have to learn the true use of layers on the interface. If you want to edit a video for this you simply upload a video file on the library of the app. Then send it to the cloud for editing. The app has a vast library of freely available audio and videos for perfect video editing. As compared to other online video editing tools that contain ads, redirection, and downloads that lead to time wasting. On the other hand, Kapwing MOD APK provides an ads-free, requires no downloads, and easy-to-use interface for video editing freely.

Features of Kapwing MOD APK

Video Editor

  • Kapwing MOD APK has the latest tools and features to create and edit a video freely.
  • It allows the user to add video clips, trim and cut inline, add transitions, overlay text, and images, generate subtitles, and upload music.

Video Converter

  • With its powerful video editing tools users can convert their video into various formats such as MP3, GIF, MP4, or JPEG.

Kapwing Transitions

  • Kapwing’s transitions feature offers users a seamless way to enhance the flow and visual appeal of their videos.
  • With a variety of transition effects to choose from, including fades, slides, and flips, Kapwing enables creators to effortlessly transition between scenes and clips.

Kapwing Font Size

  • Kapwing’s font size feature allows users to easily adjust the size of text within their creations.
  • Whether you’re designing a meme, crafting a social media post, or putting together a presentation, Kapwing’s intuitive interface lets you resize text with precision.
  • With just a few clicks, users can make text stand out or blend seamlessly into their designs, ensuring that every element looks polished and professional.
  • Whether you prefer bold headlines or subtle captions, Kapwing empowers you to customize your text to suit your style and message.

PNG Maker

  • The app support PNG creation that allows users to make a transparent background.

Automatic Subtitles Creator

  • Kapwing MOD APK has the automatic subtitles-creating capability.
  • This makes a video attractive to users.

Resizing Video 

  • This feature allows the users to set the size of the video screen according to their requirements.
  • Users can resize the video size to fit the screen on Desktop and Android.

Meme Creator

  • It is a quick meme-creator application.
  • The app has the ability to create a meme by using various images and videos.

Online Screen Recorder

  • The app offers the feature of a free online recorder for recording a video of your project.
  • Later you can use this video for further video projects.

Add Text to Video

  • Kapwing MOD APK allows users to Add text, and text animations in a video.
  • Further, you can make changes in the font, size, and color, as it offers more than 100 sizes and many other editing things.

Kapwing Add Music To Video

  • Kapwing makes it effortless to enhance your videos with the perfect soundtrack.
  • With the “Add Music to Video” feature, users can seamlessly integrate music into their videos to evoke emotions, set the mood, or enhance storytelling.
  • Whether you’re creating a vlog, a promotional clip, or a montage, Kapwing offers a vast library of royalty-free music tracks to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your content.
  • The intuitive interface allows you to easily adjust the volume, trim the music, and synchronize it with your video, giving you full control over the audio-visual experience.
  • With Kapwing, adding music to your videos is simple, creative, and enhances the overall impact of your content.

Kapwing Cut Video

  • Kapwing’s “Cut Video” tool enables users to trim and edit their videos with ease.
  • Whether you’re removing unwanted segments, shortening clips, or splitting footage into smaller parts, Kapwing’s intuitive interface makes the process simple and efficient.

Remove Background

  • The app has powerful tools on its interface for the perfect removal of unwanted objects from the background of a video or image.

Kapwing Subtitles

  • Kapwing’s subtitle feature empowers users to add captions and subtitles to their videos effortlessly.
  • Whether you’re creating educational content, social media clips, or promotional videos, Kapwing makes it simple to enhance accessibility and engagement by including text overlays.
  • With a user-friendly interface, you can easily upload your video, generate automatic subtitles, and customize the font, color, size, and position of the captions to suit your style and branding.
  • Additionally, Kapwing offers translation services, allowing you to reach a global audience by providing subtitles in multiple languages.
  • With Kapwing, adding subtitles to your videos is quick, convenient, and ensures that your message is accessible to all viewers.

Video Templates

  • Kapwing MOD APK offers a wide range of online free templates for image, video, and audio editing.

Kapwing MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Premium features are unlocked.
  • Bugs and ads free online services.

What’s New Abut Kapwing MOD APK?

  • Bugs fixes and many other improvements.
  • Easier editing support on Android.
  • Start fast content creation with Kapwing AI.
  • Predesign Text for video.


What is the best free online video editor?

Ans: Kapwing MOD APK is the number one free online video editor with the latest tools & features.

How do I add text to a video meme?

Ans: You can add text to a video meme by the correct use of the video and text layer on the interface.

How do I create a video from the text?

Ans: For this, you simply generate a text from the Kapwing AI and then click on the video generate and select the size of the video. It will create a video according to your text on the screen.


In conclusion, Kapwing MOD APK is a free online image, video, and audio creator and editor. The app has a user-friendly interface with multiple features and tools for online editing. Users can create video and image editing, creating memes, GIFs, and designs. Moreover, the app has various smart tools set for outstanding online video editing with collaboration. Its modified tools and features help the user to optimize or to make more visualize a video. Further, you can share the video editing project with the link. It has various latest tools such as subtitle generator, remove background tool, automatic translation, Smart Cut, and many more. Overall, it is the number one online video editor app.


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