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LightMV MOD APK is a creative online video creator and editor program. In more detail, LightMV is smartphone supporting video-making app. Everyone has a smartphone in their own hand, and they want to make their videos for any purpose.
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LightMV app is a creative online video creator and editor program. In more detail, LightMV is smartphone supporting video-making app. Everyone has a smartphone in their own hand, and they want to make their videos for any purpose. For this, we need a friendly, easy, and simple app such as LightMV MOD APK. LightMV is a golden and full lightweight app that is available in the google play store to make all types of videos like animation videos, into videos, broadcasting videos, short family clips, ads promoting videos, intro videos, etc. Hence, it provides a workstation to explore its features to make HD, clear, 4K, Stylish, and also attractive videos. With a single click, users easily access all tools to integrate video for editing. LightMV MOD APK

About LightMV MOD APK:

LightMV comes with a MOD APK file. MOD APK allows the users to access all features, tools, and functions as a whole. In other words, LightMV MOD APK orders the users to use multiple features, promo templates, and editing tools. For video editing, this application shares a quality-based platform to make attractive videos with 360 angles. This is a productive app for making charming and stylish videos using editing, color effects, filter effects, transition effects, adding text, writing video titles, Also video descriptions. You are able to cut or paste any element in the video. At this time, this is a famous and useful application on Android phones. Therefore, allows the users to record their own voice or music to add to videos. With a single click, it performs all tasks. It shares a rich library with its users.

In addition, LightMV MOD APK is a completely fantastic video-making art in easy-to-easy modes. The superb video makes. If you have a long-time video, the app permits you to compress it. Although, deleting unknown elements or unnecessary elements from the video plus allows you to add any element in the video timeline duration. According to my concept, it is a gorgeous and full helpful app to make videos colorful and also share with their fans, family, and friends. Further, support all social media apps for sharing a video in a simple way. Direct share on the following social media platform Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. It has a simple way to create a video by drag and drop option. Just select a file and upload it. As for as never need a learning process to use it.

LightMV Mod APK No Watermark

LightMV Mod APK without watermark offers users the freedom to create stunning videos without any intrusive watermarks. With this modified version, you can enjoy all the features of LightMV without worrying about unwanted logos or text on your videos. It ensures a seamless and professional video editing experience, allowing you to showcase your creativity without any limitations.

LightMV Mod APK Download

Downloading LightMV Mod APK opens up a world of possibilities for video creation and editing. This modified version of the app provides access to premium features and tools, empowering users to craft captivating videos effortlessly. With just a few taps, you can download the APK file and install it on your device, unlocking a range of creative options to express your ideas and stories through dynamic visual content.

LightMV Mod APK Premium

LightMV Mod APK Premium offers an enhanced video editing experience with exclusive features and functionalities. With the latest version of LightMV Mod APK, users can access advanced editing tools, premium templates, and effects to create professional-quality videos. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned editor, this modified version provides everything you need to elevate your video projects to the next level, ensuring impressive results every time.

LightMV Mod APK Latest Version

The latest version of LightMV Mod APK brings exciting updates and enhancements to the popular video editing app. Packed with new features and improvements, this version offers users an even more seamless and versatile editing experience. From advanced editing tools to an expanded library of templates and effects, the latest LightMV Mod APK empowers creators to unleash their creativity and produce stunning videos with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned editor, this updated version ensures that your video projects stand out with professional polish and style.

LightMV MOD APK Download

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Edit Videos:

  • LightMV MOD APK incredible program that allows users to upload a video also edit it. Once you upload, you are able to edit anything of the video in a few seconds.

Customize Video Templates:

  • LightMV has many video templates. Just select any templates from the app library and customize them.

Video TimeLine:

  • This is a brilliant application that allows users to access a video to set the video duration or compress the long video duration into a small time period.

Transition Effects:

  • Empowers the users to use transition effects in a straight and right way without facing any disturbance. At any moment use a transition effect on every slide that you want.

Add Music:

  • In the video, the app permits the users to use any music, voice, or recorded own voice. In the video timeline, you can place music where you want.

Extract Audio or Video:

  • Add more, the best point of this app gives permission to the users to remove the audio from the video. Likewise, hide the voice in the video. Extract the video just.

Render Filters:

  • You are in the right place to make a video because the app has filters to make photos and video in full HD with high resolution

Saved Videos:

  • It is a great and fabulous app to share your own store where you can save all your videos online. Anytime you need video open the account and get it.

Add Text:

  • As well as, Able to add text with text color, size, and style in the video timeline.

Merage Videos:

  • This is an amazing app that joins multiple clips of videos into a single video.

Split Video:

  • Although, it makes video parts if you need to do this. It means that it is a video splitter also.

Set Video Title:

  • According to your content criteria, you make a video title and also a description.

Color Effects:

  • In the video, you are able to access all color effects. One of them, select and use.

Animation Effects:

  • My users, it has a wide range of possibilities to entertain and satisfied the users so it allows us to use animation effects in the video. Further, in video 3D and 2D videos, effects use.

Single Click Sharing:

  • It is a multiple process performing app, that allows the users when you make a video, direct share it with their fans on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Adjust Thumbnail:

  •  All in all, the app is versatile with many unlimited features that order the users to set a video logo or thumbnail.

MOD Features:

  • Ads removed
  • No watermarks
  • Unlocked Premium

What’s New:

  • Easy to perform
  • full-featured video templates
  • Further, own a free of-cost music file library
  • Support all effects photos, videos, and texts
  • Saved all videos
  • Share a video on social media

LightMV FAQs:

1st: Is LightMV MOD APK Free?

Ans: Yes, it is a free app with a MOD APK file.


In conclusion, LightMV Video Editor MOD APK is a bold and most usable program in the world. all accessible options and features share to make beautiful videos. Now, It takes a short time to edit an uploaded video and take also short time to make a new one. A smooth way of working is very helpful for us. However, you can perform all activities about video making. It produces looking videos. Trim the videos. According to your demands, bend the app to work using your own content. Just you need content, it makes a superb video. After all, provides us with all services and tools which are necessary for video editing. Above all, Gives all premium services without a watermark.


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