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Memrise MOD APK is a perfect language-learning application. The app has various courses for learning a new language. It offers courses in different languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Danish, Icelandic, Mongolian, Slovenian, Yoruba, and English. The courses have different lessons that are designed for different language learning levels. It offers courses in various subjects. New learners can select the subject according to their interests. It is the best tool if you want to learn a language.
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Memrise APK

Memrise APK is a language learning application with an easy and simple interface. The app is full of the latest features for the services of users. It is the best tool for learning languages with an app. It offers all the things that a user needs to learn a new language. The main feature of the app is that it offers various language courses. Memrise Mod APK offers courses in various subjects. If you want to learn any language you can get a course related to your subject. It helps the users to become experts in speaking a language and also in the subject. On its user-friendly interface, you will see a track list of video clips and many other audio lessons for learning a language. When you start learning, it will create a record with a percentile figure of your progress.

About Memrise MOD APK:

Memrise MOD APK is a powerful tool for learning a new language. If you want to speak a language fluently then Memrise APK is the best option for learning. It will provide you with all the helpful material including video clips, audio tracks, Native speakers, and courses in various languages and subjects. Users can simply download and use the app on their devices. The app is available on both iOS and Android. Memrise APK contains a very simple and user-friendly interface for users. By installing the app users can learn and speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian, etc fluently. With its percentage display on the screen, you can get an idea of how much you learn a language. This is helpful for learners to manage their time.Memrise MOD APK

Memrise MOD APK

Memrise MOD APK is a language learning application for new language learners. It helps the users to learn a new language easily and quickly. The app offers all the things that are necessary to learn a new language. It will improve the vocabulary of learners by adding new words to their memory. Memrise MOD APK helps learners to improve their grammar in any language by learning new vocabulary and phrases from real life. The app offers 50k+ audio and video clip tracks in various languages for the help of new learners. When you use the app on your device you can improve a language by learning a variety of sounds, tone, rhythm, body language, gestures, and more.

The app is based on the spaced repetition concept. With this feature, user can recheck their learning after a specific interval. If the user feels that there is a need to improve a phrase or vocabulary then the user can repeat that exercise. The app offers a gamification mode for learning a language. On the interface of Memrise MOD APK, there are many options displayed on the screen. The app allows the users to use the options of lessons, pronunciation practice, grammar lessons, and adaptive learning technology for learning a language with fun and interest. One of the best features of the app is that if you are an expert in a language you can make your lessons, videos, audio, or other learning material. After preparation of your data in an expert way you can share all your data on the Memrise MOD APK interface.

Features of Memrise MOD APK  

Easy and Interesting Lessons:

  • Memrise MOD APK offers many lessons with interesting planning.
  • All the lessons are prepared with a combination of videos, audio, and pictures.
  • Users can learn the latest vocabulary and phrases related to daily life more easily.

Spaced Repetition Exercise:

  • The repetition feature of the app allows the users to recall a word or sentence that they learn.
  • The app will show the learned words or sentences after regular intervals of time.
  • All this helps the users to memorize the new language words easily.

Pronunciation Exercises: 

  • Memrise MOD APK offers a lot of videos and audio to concentrate on pronunciation.
  • Users can repeat an audio or video several times to get a command of accurate pronunciation.

Works Offline Mode:

  • Once you download and install the app on your device you can use the app offline mode.
  • Users can download and practice videos and audio without an internet connection.

Multilingual Feature:

  • Users can use the app to learn various languages at a time.
  • It offers many courses in various languages.
  • By using Memrise MOD APK users can learn Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and many more languages.


  • To be an expert in any language the key point is to learn its grammar.
  • Memrise MOD APK offers various lessons for improving grammar and gives an understanding of the rules of language.

User-Created Lessons: 

  • If you are an expert in any language you can create and share your data on this app.
  • It helps the users to create their courses.

Offers Courses in Various Languages:

  • Memrise MOD APK offers many lessons in different languages and subjects.
  • The new learner can select the method of learning according to their interest.Memrise MOD APK

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MOD Features:

What’s New?

Memrise MOD APK is a language learning application with the latest features of short video and audio lessons. One more thing that is latest in the app is that users can create and share their content. By the native speaker through videos users can learn a new language quickly.


Which features does Memrise offer?

Memrise APK offers a variety of features that help the user to learn a language quickly. It features various lessons in different languages, Spaced repetition mode, Offline mode working, supports multiple languages, and user content support is included.

How can I change my language settings?

Memrise APK will automatically check the language on your device. Users can use this language to find out their related course of language learning. If you want to change the language on your device you will have to change your device’s language from settings on your device.


Memrise MOD APK is a powerful tool for learning a language simply and quickly. The app contains a variety of courses in various languages and subjects. All the courses are comprised of different lessons for various learning levels. The app works on spaced repetition mode. It helps users to repeat newly learned words and sentences in specific intervals of time. Users can use this app to improve the vocabulary, and grammar of the new language with lessons. The app allows the user to improve the pronunciation of language with videos and audio available on the interface. The app allows users to learn a language without an internet connection after installation. It allows the users to create content and share this on the app. Users can learn various languages due to its multilingual support.


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