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Spyier MOD APK is the newest program in the world that support parents who are worried due to their children's mobile activities. It is flexible with superb features to monitor mobile data, like location, WhatsApp all data, messages, call info, video, audio, images, movies, also documents. It shows the all record of children to the parents. It check the online all activites like website visiting, socical paltefom usibility etc.
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Spyier APK

Spyier APK is a monitoring application manufactured to monitor discreetly to your loved ones discreetly. From all over the world many parents, companies, and people are using this application on their smartphones. They keep an eye on their children, employees, or the people to whom they are in relation. Spyier MOD APK works secretly no one can know if you use this application to observe their activities on their mobile phones or computers. Most people use it for the safety and security of their interests. Spyier APK works on the web page on any of the devices on which you install this application. It steals all the data from the selective device and shows you on your web page. Using this application you can know about all the activities of your selective device.Spyier MOD APK


About Spyier APK:

Spyier APK is an application to keep an eye on your interests. A lot of people are using this application on their devices, especially parents, and employers are using this application. Nowadays due to environmental changes, parents want to keep their children safe from the bad society around them. So for this purpose, parents install Spyier APK on the devices of their children. In this way, they can look after all the activities of their children. Employers also use this application in the same manner. They want to keep their business at its peak. So for this purpose, they need to keep an eye on their employees. Also, motivate them to get work progress. It is the best and most free application that is available to them to look after their employees secretly.

Spyier MOD APK:

Spyier MOD APK is designed for parents and employers to hold on to the actions of children and employees on their devices. The software application operates on the web page to see all the activities of the targeted device. The latest features have been introduced in this application for the help of people. All its feature has powerful tools to hold onto the selective device according to their needs. By using this application on your device you can remotely control the selective device activities on the control panel dashboard. Its call tracking feature is the most commonly used feature of Spyier MOD APK. It shows you all the call records of the selective device on any web browser on your mobile or device.

Spyier MOD APK also contains a lot of other latest features that are helpful to us in our daily lives. Users can track the location of the targeted device, and track the SIM location when it is activated in a selective device. With Spyier MOD APK you can remotely control and get access to all types of social media. You can easily call, messages, images, and video sharing records on your web browsing screen. Using Spyier MOD APK you can stealth all their pieces of information with just a single click on your device. When the targeted device uses any browser all the activities on their device can be tracked with this application. you can check all the website’s records that the selective device is open for working or any other purpose.

Spyier MOD APK Features:

Call Details:

  1. By Spyier MOD APK the user can hear the live calls of the targeted device.
  2. Even you can keep an eye on the call logs.
  3. Although the user can examine the favorite number in the contact list.
  4. Moreover, the date, time, volume, and voice of the calls of the selective device can be recorded.

History OF Messages:

  1. Spyier MOD APK keeps a record of all the received and delivered SMS & iMessage.
  2. You can spy even deleted messages 100% accurately.
  3. Although you can watch the attached multimedia files.
  4. And keep an eye on the contact details of the targeted device.

Location Tracer:

  1. With the help of Spyier MOD APK users can recognize the addresses and latitude and longitude.
  2. Even you can know about the most frequently visited places and their time.
  3. Spyier tracking feature helps the user to find out the real-time location of the targeted device.

Detect Social Media Activities:

  • Spyier MOD APK enables the user to observe all the social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, etc.
  • Users can keep a record of media sent and received by these accounts.
  • Also keeps the information about private and group chats.
  • Users can check the contact list.
  • However, keep an eye on the audio and video calling history of the targeted device.
  • BY Spyier MOD APK users can spy on every single detail in just one click.

Web Browser Tracer:

  1. Spyier MOD APK tracks the web history of the user like most frequently visited links bookmarks and time.
  2. Users even can check out the summaries of the websites visited by the targeted device.

App Tracker:

  1. Spyier MOD APK gives information about all the apps installed on the targeted device.
  2. Also tells about the most frequently visited app.
  3. However, keep an eye on all the activities of apps and their data.

Monitor SIM Location:

  1. Spyier MOD APK Access the SIM card details.
  2. BY Spyier MOD APK users can track the location of the SIM card.
  3. The user is notified when the SIM is changed.
  4. Verify the contacts of the user.

Geofence Notifier:

  1. The user creates virtual boundaries to keep an eye on kids.
  2. Also, users can create more than one boundary.
  3. Spyier MOD APK gives an alert when the targeted device enters or exits through the virtual boundaries that are made by the user.


  1. Passwords, usernames, and message keystrokes are all recorded by the Spyier of the target device.

MOD Features:

  • Full Version with premium features.
  • Ads Free

What’s New?

  • Spyier MOD APK is a top-rated monitoring application.
  • It offers various features.
  • Call tracking is the most used feature of Spyier APK.
  • It is the latest quality of this software. One can get access to all the incoming and outgoing call records.
  • Also tells us information about the most or most frequently called number with call duration and time.
  • It supports tracking the targeted device activities on any web browser of your mobile phone.
  • Spyier MOD APK is supportive of both Android and iOS.
  • Using this application you can collect data from these modern devices.

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How Does The Spyier Mod APK Works?

Ans: First of all download Spyier MOD APK on the targeted device by following the instructions on the website. For this, you need to sign up with your email address. Then install this application on the targeted device. After installation on the targeted device. Then you need to open any web browser on your smartphone and get information regarding selection on the control panel of this application on your device.

How Can I Observe The Targeted Device?

Ans: For this, you simply log in to your account. Then open any browser on your device and open the control panel of Spyier APK. On its dashboard, you can get access to all the activities of selective devices.

Does the device I want to monitor need an internet connection?

Ans: Yes, Spyier MOD APK needs an internet connection. Because it needs the internet to share the information of the targeted device.


Spyier MOD APK is a famous application for monitoring online activities on the targeted device. It provides us with real-time information on the control panel. This software is being widely used all over the world for various purposes. Nowadays parents are using this application to hold on to the activities on selective that are in use by their children. Also, employers are using it to protect business pieces of information from companions and to achieve success in their business. Spyier MOD APK has many advanced features for our needs.

Spyier MOD APK covers many areas of selective devices to collect information on the selective device. It offers call tracking, SIM tracking, web browsing history tracking, GPS location tracking, and social media tracking features to users to collect information about targeted devices. After collecting all the information we can set a direction to be successful in our goal by making a proper plan from the collected information.

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