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Wavelet MOD APK is an extraordinary tool for the improvements of sound in your hardware. The app has more than 3400 precalculated optimizations on the interface to make in suitable various headphones models. It has the strong tools in the setting to improve the sound quality. The app various latest features such as Auto Equ, Bass Tuner, Graphic Equalizer, Reverberations & Virtualizer, Limmter, and Channel Controller. All these features in the setting of the app helps the users to make their output in the headphones noise free with improve sound quality.
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Wavelet APK

Wavelet is a free Android app for audio optimization with almost 3400 precalculated optimizations with various options for specific headphone models. It is a revolutionary app for the audio experience. The app has preset of various music genres that have unlocked the power potential of your audio. Wavelet MOD APK  has an AutoEq feature that contains precalculated results on the interface. The app contains various pro features such as a graphic equalizer to control the bands,  for creating cool audio sounds, a bass boost feature to enhance the frequency of low frequency, a reverberation that stops the sound from bouncing, a limiter to control and stops volume spikes in music, bass controller, and channel control to control channel from the left and right side.Wavelet MOD APK


Wavelet MOD APK is the ultimate tool for improving the sound quality of your headphones. The app allows the users to create the sounds from its equalizer setting in a specific range that is suitable to their hardware. It has a user-friendly interface that contains various latest and advanced tools in settings to improve the sound’s quality. Further, Wavelet MOD APK has a preset setting box that allows users to improve sound quality. Without disturbing the changing of the settings manually. Moreover, it has a sound equalizer that contains almost 9 bands that allow the users to change the frequencies of the sound. The app has tools that remove noise spikes and annoying sounds.

Wavelet MOD APK

Wavelet MOD APK is a handy application for creating improvements in sound quality. Sound quality can be enhanced with various tools in the settings of the app. It allows users to improve the sound quality of their earphones. Further, this has a fast and quick improvement procedure to make it suitable for your hardware. Moreover, the app has a simple and easy-to-use interface with several improvements in the settings. To manage the sound’s quality output in the hardware for listening. Further, it contains a box in the setting which is the preset sound quality equalizer that will automatically make corrections in the sound quality.

Moreover, users can use the sound equalizer option in the settings of the app. It allows the users to make sound clear from any type of noise from the surrounding sounds. Hence, the app will save time from manually changing which will consume more time for level alterations. On its equalizer part, it has 9 bands to control the sound quality for getting clear sounds that are adaptable to your hardware. For removing the noise and unwanted sounds from the music in your output on hardware, it has the latest tools. It will remove noise and add reverbs that will enhance the bass of the sound for better output.

Features Of Wavelet MOD APK

Analysis of Signals

  • Wavelet MOD APK can look at and analyze many elements of signals.
  • By using this you may examine variation in frequency over time.
  • Users may obtain details about their data at various scales and time resolutions.
  • Moreover, You can apply CWT and DWT to obtain information.

Auto Equalization

  • This enables the automatic settings of speakers and headphones.
  • It is used to produce a more precise and balanced sound character.
  • Further, to check irregularities or imbalances in the primary response to frequencies.

Graphic Eq

  • Users can also make adjustments in drop frequencies.
  • It enables you to manually change the volume or amplitude of each band.
  • Moreover, compensates for disturbing frequencies.


  • This feature creates a resonance effect in your recordings.
  • Also, it prolongs the duration of sound.
  • It frequently improves the sound of voices or tunes.


  • It gives the impression that sound is coming from several places.
  • Even simple speakers or headphones can produce a three-dimensional illusion.
  • Moreover, it is used to make the sound more feasible and fascinating.Wavelet MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Access to Latest Premium Features.

What’s New About Wavelet MOD APK?

  • In the latest version speed and efficiency of tools in the setting are optimized.
  • Further, Modifications have been made regards the notifications alerts.
  • Various improvements in the interface to make it bug-free.


What is the use of the Wavelet app?

Ans: Wavelet app is one of the Equalizer apps that is used to improve the quality of sound.

Is wavelet free?

Ans: Yes. The Wavelet MOD APK is a free application with basic functionalities.


In conclusion, Wavelet MOD APK is the ultimate application for the optimizations of audio sound quality. The basic purpose of the app is to improve the quality of sound to make it adaptable to hardware. Further, for improving the sound quality the app has Auto Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Reverberations, Virtualizer, Bass Tuner, Limiter, and Channel Balance tools in settings. However, Auto Equ. will automatically fix the problems to make it suitable for hardware. Moreover, the Graphic equalizer shows you the graphical view of bands on the screen. Reverberations add reverbs in the sound to enhance the bass of the sound. The Bass Tuner will manage the bass of the sounds.


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