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HelloTalk MOD APK is versatile and feature-rich language learning application. The app allows the users to freely connects to native speakers for learning new language. Users can learn new language through chats via text messages, audio calls, and video calls. Further, the app allows the users to be a part of live streaming and broadcast organized by the language experts. Moment sharing is another outstanding feature of the application that helps the learner to learn through instant comments. Moreover, it allows the users to search the native speakers experts on the app and directly connect to them for learning.
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HelloTalk is a mobile application that allows users to learn global languages. Learn a language by talking to the world. The app offers free chatting with native speakers to learn a language. Further, it allows people to make new friends over the world and exchange language learning. It works as a worldwide community that has a feature to connect people from all over the world related to 150 languages. Users can learn the language each other and can exchange cultural experiencing. Moreover, HelloTalk MOD APK allows users to chat with friends to learn the language through text messages, voice calls, or making video call. It offers various tools to post their moments over the timeline of the app.HelloTalk MOD APK


HelloTalk MOD APK is a free global language learning mobile application. The app allows the user to learn through millions of native speakers. Users can learn a language by chatting. This chatting can be in the form of various types of chatting like text, voice, and video calls. Learners can learn a language by talking to people worldwide. The app allows users to make new friends and talk to them freely. People during the learning can exchange their cultural experiences. The app has various tools such as translation, pronunciation, transliteration, and corrections to make conversations for quick learning. Also, users can learn a language through shared moments on the application.

HelloTalk MOD APK

HelloTalk MOD APK is a leading language-learning application. As we know that if you want to learn a language then the best way to learn a language is through speaking. The app has the feature to connect to native speakers which helps you to learn a language. The app has various tools that make language learning easier. You can chat with someone over the application. Moreover, experts and teachers can organize a broadcast over the app to share the culture with each other.

Further, you can the language through moments posted on the app. By posting in a language, the users can learn later from the comment section. The app allows users to find friends by location, distance, name, and city. You can start a conversation freely after searching for a suitable person for learning a language. The is supportive of both iOS and Android devices. Hence, it allows the user to copy and paste a comment and text in the conversations with its editing tools.

Features of HelloTalk MOD APK

Language Exchange Community

  • The app offers a worldwide community feature that enables a user to teach their language to others.
  • Also, native speakers can teach you their language.
  • Translation, corrections, and instant captions-like tools help the learner to learn a language quickly.
  • Moreover, 150 countries’ people over the world are using the application.

Live Chats and streaming 

  • On the application, users can connect to each other through chats via text, voice, and video calls.
  • Moreover, you can connect to experts in languages by live streaming.
  • Usually, live streaming is hosted by experts.

Voice Room

  • It is the latest feature of the HelloTalk to arrange a voice room which is an interactive event for language learning.
  • By using this feature you will globally connect to like-minded people.

Learning Through Lessons

  • The app allows the users to search for a tutor over the app and then learn various languages through qualified people over the world.

Learn Through Posting Moments

  • People can share their traveling videos and pictures with captions on them that help the learner to learn through this posting feature.HelloTalk MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Latest version with unblocked premium features.
  • Ads Free services

What’s New About HelloTalk MOD APK?

  • The latest version supports more than 150 languages around the world including English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • Add gifts and other items you like
  • It provides an excellent opportunity to connect with people through comments and chats live.
  • Moreover, the app offer language exchange that makes language practice more easily.
  • Voice Room is the latest feature introduced in the latest version.


What is HelloTalk?
Ans: HelloTalk is an application that allows you to learn a language by connecting to native speakers from over the world.

What is the mission of HelloTalk?

Ans: HelloTalk mission is to make language learning more easy and fun with its latest features and tools.

What are the most popular languages in HelloTalk?

Ans: English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese are the popular languages in the HelloTalk.


In conclusion, the HelloTalk MOD APK is a free platform for learning a new language. The app has various modified features such as live chats conversation via text, voice, and video calls. Further, one can learn language through live streaming and broadcasting of experts and teachers. It also helps the user to learn a new language through moments of sharing. Moreover, the app offers the learner to find experts and native speakers from around the world and then learn from them. Overall, millions of people from all over the world are using the application to communicate with people.


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