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Poweramp MOD APK modern and feature-rich music player application with high-quality audio playback and a customizable interface. The app is a famous app all over the world for its powerful audio engine and various customization options on the interface. The powerful audio engine provides high-quality output sounds.
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Poweramp MOD APK is an advanced and feature-rich music player application with high-quality audio playback and a customizable interface. The app is popular over the world for its powerful audio engine and various customization options on the interface. The powerful audio engine provides high-quality output sounds. It supports a wide range of audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, and more. Poweramp APK shows various bands that are 10 in number -on the interface for creating high-quality sound. The app offers themes in various colors for visual appearance. It has great management of the playlist. Users can create and save the playlist on it easily. It allows the user to import or export a media playlist from other players quite easily and smoothly.


Poweramp APK is a versatile music player application for generating high-quality playback. The app is supportive of both iOS and Android devices. It is a famous application for its latest characteristics like having a powerful audio engine. The powerful audio engine helps the user to create high-quality sound as output. The app is known for its customizable user interface. The app contains lyrics to support that allows the user to display lyrics on the screen while playing a song by the music player. Poweramp APK supports versatile quality audio formats like mp3, wav, etc. It has various options on the app’s interface such as equalizer, tone, and volume control options. Further, it allows the user to import the playlist on other apps.

Poweramp MOD APK

Poweramp APK is an ultimate music application that is specially designed for the music lover. As it is the most popular music application due to its extensive use in music. The app serves the user with high-quality audio playback. It has a strong audio engine that supports many audio formats. With its customizable interface user can change the skins and themes of the interface to make it more attractive and interactive for users. Users can set the themes and colors of the interface according to their interests. The interface of the app contains the equalizer and various tone control options. The equalizer has 10 bands with many tone control options that allow the user to create and make changes in sound output to their liking.

One of the major tools of Poweramp APK is that it works with gapless playback. It means that when you play various tracks on the music player there will be no pause between the playing tracks. The app has a fantastic feature of generating a playlist on the music player. Further, it allows the user to generate and manage the playlist. The app also allows the user to import a music playlist Poweramp APK has a powerful feature of lyric support. Hence, the app will display the lyric of the song playing on the music player. We can imagine the idea of its popularity by its use by Android users. Therefore, this makes it the famous and best choice of music player for those who are finding for the best music player app.

Poweramp Premium MOD APK:

New Audio Engine:

  1. In the latest version of Poweramp APK a new powerful audio engine is introduced.
  2. Although, the app uses the audio engine to produce high-quality audio playback.

Customizable User-Interface:

  1. The interface is customizable that allows the user to create sounds as output according to their interests.
  2. The app shows a visual display of equalizer by showing bands on the screen.
  3. Therefore, users can change the equalizer display of beats with various themes into waveforms to control the sound according to their needs.

Digital Signal Processing: 

  • Various digital options are present on the interface in which the latest equalizer, tone controls, and different effects for sounds are included.

Unique DVC:

  • The direct Volume Control feature allows the equalizer and tone option to control the sounds without disturbing the sound quality.

Supportive to Various Audio Formats:

  • Poweramp APK contains the latest version that supports various audio formats.
  • In these formats opus, tak, mka, dsd dsf/dff are included.

Gapless Music Player:

  • The app supports gapless music on the application, which means that when the user plays playlists on the music player it will play the playlist without any pause.

Volume Control Option:

  • Poweramp APK on the interface has an option of direct volume control option.
  • Hence, by using this option user can control the volume of the sound to various levels that are displayed on the screen.

Lyric Display:

  • In the latest version of the app, there is a feature for displaying lyrics on the user interface.
  • However, users can create variations in displaying the lyrics on the screen by changing the color and themes of the app.

Graphical Equalizer:

  • The equalizers help the user to create the sound or make variations in the present equalizer.
  • Different adjustment options control bass, treble, stereo, reverb, balance, and Music FX to control sounds.

MOD Features:

  • Premium Features are now open permanently.
  • Ads banned.
  • Virus-free.

What’s New?

  • In the latest version of Poweramp APK, we updated the lyric feature of the app.
  • Although, we made changes in the synchronization of lyrics.
  • Various advanced and latest options are added to the interface to make the display more attractive for working.
  • In these options color, font, Seek Bar, Layout, Track label, and background labels are present.


How do I disable visualization?

Ans: Users can easily disable the visualization from the settings. For this user first open the General Settings and then click on the “Visualization” option to make enable or disable.

My songs are missing from Playlists?

Ans: If your songs are missing from the playlist of Poweramp APK, then you should recheck that your folder contains music. After that, you should check the Poweramp Library and Music Folders.


In Conclusion, Poweramp MOD APK is a versatile and feature-rich music application for music lovers. The app is updated with the latest audio engine that supports various audio formats to create high-quality playback songs. Moreover, it has a customizable user interface that contains various options on it for creating output. Hence, the app supports DSP, and DVC like the latest modes to control the sounds without disturbing the sound quality. Moreover, it can display the lyric of the playing song on the interface. Further, there are different options present on the screen that help to create an attractive sound from the app. All these features make the app different from other music player apps. Overall, it is the best option for those who have the music enthusiast.


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